Project that brings together people for creative action & Exchange of Artistic Experiences.


Using the hashtag #BIOART to post and share a creative action and ask for collaboration & participation.

Lets start sharing what is happening in our city!!!


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  2. Lapiko klika deustoko gazte lokaleko showa prestatzen

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  4. "Taller para el desarrollo del sistema de sonido, de la mano de Tuni Panea. Durante dos días aprenderemos a construir un equipo de sonido para integrar en el Soundsystem con elementos nuevos y reciclados como altavoces, amplificadores o baterías de"

  5. 40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School ! – Tunisme

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  7. things that you should know if you need to work with me!!!

    Anti CURRICULUM put on practice!!!

    -In a working basis, sometimes I need to hear explanations if I don’t agree with the procedure. Stubborn? Truly believer! 
    -If I need to implement something I need to feel ambassador or at least understand the why we try a different strategy. 
    -Always learning.I don´y have always the best procedure. But I like to understand different ways of approaching situations, having a consensus even thou we can disagree within a team approach.

    - My favourite working quote at these moment is the one that says “El que la propone se la come”. If you  suggest something, you take leadership of making it happen. Is about ask for help if needed and pushing forward and idea, not only saying how will be better to do things.
    -Personal hosting style, verbal incontinence.
    -I can endlessly talk with people about things that I don´t know.
    -I relay in people stories without rechecking the info. Why they are going to lie? There is no need for that.
    -I follow energy and feelings. That’s my true activism. “JUJU”-“uuuuUUuuuUUu”- “OOooooOOo” - connections more body listening and energy reading learning. 
    -I have a contagious laugh that is pretty loud.
  8. Brussels in loft our “the European trip” my entrepreneurial soul nourishment!! BXLOFT

    Some people is asking what does the 60 euros cover … Well, lets Ane explain it to you…

    Welcoming you at the door and taking your coats I will introduce you to the “LOFT” and you will have an aperitif snack with all the Cava you want until end of stock. 
    Last time the average was 2-3 glasses each.

    The Cavas are different every day regarding the menu and the taste combination with the snack .

    Cavas like: Grimau, Giró Ribot, Vins el Cep, Freixenet, Vilarnau, Juvé & Camps, Maria Casanovas or Masia Vallformosa.

    if you don´t feel like Cava we offer you a Beer , a soda or water instead if pleases you.

    During the dinner there is an starter , a mean course and a dessert.

    In the starter we serve a white wine and in the main course a red wine chosen by the cooks related to their meals and imported from different countries. Let´s keep something for mystery ok?

    In between the starter and the dessert the average of drinking is 3 glasses per person. We leave the bottles on the table and when the bottles are gone you have the chance to buy a bottle if you want to.

    And all these in a space that is not normally open to people with a concert , an exposition an a touring cook & dance floor.

    Concert is different every day. Lets dace the flow together Bites of Europe !!!

    Time : from 20:00 to 24:00

    Where? a Mystery , you will receive an email with the address. As I told above, the space is not normally open to public and these is an exception. A unique chance.

    These is our project, we are enthusiastic in bringing the chance to mix different cultural spheres and people that lives in Brussels. Are you in? 

    If you have more questions I will be happy to answer them. or you can contact the team at

    Hope to meet you soon… we have 8 days to seduce you!!!

  9. Improbisando con 73Bravo Beat maker &MC

  10. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro - 'B E A U T Y'

    poesia estática … aesthetic expirience